How Curb-Side Works

Help us build Vancouver's largest record buy and sell!

We're Curb-Side Records, but our friends call us Curb. We are home to Vancouver's largest selection of individually photographed and priced vinyl LP's. 

Shop online and pick-up curbside from vendors around the city. 

Join our community and upload you vinyl collection for free.

Buyers support amazing causes!

While there is no cost to the seller, buyers pay a 5% (minimum $1) holding fee to reserve their item until they can pick up their item and pay the seller. After a successful sale, Curb-Side will donate the holding fee back to a fantastic cause in your community.

To date, we have supported Mount of Olives Orphanage with a $1,500 donation. For 2023, we're supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank among other amazing causes.

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